Wrinkle formation at any stage of web manufacturing or its processing is inevitable. To prevent inferior quality and /or rejection of webs, wrinkles must be removing the wrinkles must be removed at all necessary stages. There are varieties of devices manufactured by’ GRS WEBTECH’ for removing the wrinkles , suitable for different web materials and different processes.

Wrinkle Remover Device Helps to

Remove wrinkles / Achieve full width of the web Eliminate baggy center /Control slack edges /Separate silted web on winder / Try to even out lateral tension across the web width.

Rubber Expander Roller (Bow Roller)

This is the most commonly used wrinkle remover device. It mainly consists of bowed shaft, metal segments, abrasion resistant, rubber sleeve etc. GRS WEBTECH’ makes expander rollers (Bow rollers)having very wide range of dimensions and suitable for equally wide range of applications and web materials. They are supplied with mounting brackets be either wall mounting or foot mounting. The performance of rubber expander (Bow Rollers) depends upon Lead in –Lead out distance, Wrap angle , Position of bow (adjustable) 3:1 lead in – lead out ratio is considered to be best.
However lead out distance preferable should not to be more than 3 times of expander roller diameter. The best results are achieved when bow roller is…

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